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Welcome dear guests to the web pages of the newly opened Xiomara restaurant, from Twin Lakes, New Mexico. We are a newly opened restaurant that is mainly focused on serving food from Honduras. My name is Xiomora and I have mixed heritage. Dad is from Honduras and moms' side of the family hails all the way from Croatia. Xiomora is a popular name in Latin America, and I'm who my dad who started the restaurant named it after. Don't worry, I haven't been ignoring the other side of the family. In fact just this summer me and my mom visited Croatia. We went and had a blast in Split Croatia. From the city, which itself has a lot to offer to visitors, we contacted zen travel agency and booked an amazing Plitvice Lakes tour from Split which took our breath away. We literally spent 8 hours there exploring it. That's why we decided we should take some boat tour to nearby islands the next day (two days before the end of our trip), so we decided to book the 5 Islands tour Split. But anyway, let's get back to what we all gathered here for, talking about the Xiomara restaurant.

Xiomara was started by my dad just two months ago as owning a restaurant was a lifelong dream of his. My dad Jaime has been working as a cook for 20 something years now. After I finished college and started working a few years back, my dad started considering quiting his job and starting a restaurant of his own. This year, or should I say last year, in 2019, he made his dream a reality. After renting a small venue in his home town of Twin Lakes, New Mexico, he started redecorating everything in the traditional Honduran style and getting the menus ready for the grand opening.

On December 1st of 2019, meaning last year, the restaurant was officially opened and we had a lot of fun. A bunch of our close friends and relatives came over, and there were a lot of guests who came and visited us. Since the venue in the Cooks Mine Road that my dad rented has a lot of space, we can even host small to medium sized groups for various celebrations, birthdays, retirements, engagements, you name it. If you want to find our fine establishment, go to Twin Lakes, New Mexico, find the Cooks Mine Road there and you can't miss us.

What does Xiomara have to offer?

Great meals

We here at the Xiomara restaurant are proud to offer you the very best that Honduran cuisine has to offer. Some of the most famous dishes like sopa de caracol, sopa de frijoles, baleada, fried Yojoa fish, catarchitas, carne asada, and many, many more. Xiomara prepares breakfast, lunch and dinners. Many people who work both in town and nearby come in for their lunch break and enjoy our food. We hope that you will come too. On top of lots of Honduran dishes, we also offer a lot of other popular meals from the Latin America. I hope that I don't have to get into and talk about how tasty Latino food can be. Don't worry if you don't like spicy food, we can cut back on the spiciness, just say the word.

Cozy environment

Our place was remodeled and decorated with the intent of making it as cozy and warm and possible. Not that there's anything wrong with modern design, which focuses on neatness and precision, it's just that our tastes have always moved away from that and towards the traditional. That has been the guiding light of ours, or should I say my dads' when he was designing/creating the interior of the restaurant. Same approach has been had when we were making the menu. We tried to also keep some elements of modern interior design, like having lots of open space for one, but we stroved to achieve cozy as the overall feel of our restaurant.

Celebrate with us

Seeing how we have a lot of room in the space where our little restaurant is, we are more than capable of hosting all sorts of parties. Groups of up to 50 people can come, be seated and have a blast in our main dining hall. Of course you need to call ahead and arrange everything for the event in advance. Smaller parties of lets say 10 and 15 people can come and be served in the smaller side room, but for larger group we need to make some preparations. So far we've hosted engagements, birthdays, retirements, anniversaries, you name it. We do everything, prepare the space, cook the food, you just need to come in and have fun. Just remember to call ahead and make all the arrangements in time. Thank you.

Quick info

Where to find us

Of course it doesn't make much sense to run a restaurant without people being able to find you. Xiomara is located in the very heart of a small town in New Mexico called Twin Lakes. The exact address that you need to type into your GPS is as follows:

Xiomara restaurant
1364 Cooks Mine Road
86515 Twin Lakes
New Mexico

Yes, you've read that right. The actual name of the street that we are located on is Cooks Mine Road. It's just a happy little coincidence.

Contact details

Again if you don't have our number you can't call and make a reservation, and we would of course like to hear from you. There's also our email address and I've setup a contact form that you can use to reach us. We're still setting up our online reservation system, so that will be a while, but it's coming along.

Phone numbers you can reach us at:

our email address:

News and updates

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