Food & Drinks

Menu of the Xiomara restaurant is focused around the Honduran cuisine, but we also feature meals from the rest of the Latin America. Should you decide to visit our little restaurant you’ll see a menu that’s diverse, with lots of different meals. What’s more specific for Xiomara, we have lots of different unique mixes of ingredients that you would normally not find in Latin American cuisine, which in our opinion makes the dishes stand out more.

What we ask from our visitors is that you keep an open mind. Come to our restaurant and be willing to taste new and exciting things, and don’t make any judgments before you do that. We’re pretty sure that we’ve managed to make the right tweaks to a bunch of traditional recipes that gives them unique, maybe even improved, taste.

Dishes, sauces, drinks, everything that we are offering here at Xiomara we’ve tried to make our own, so that we give our guests and customers a legitimate reasons to pick us over the competition. That’s why you should come over and see what we have to offer. We are eager to surprise you with our menu, which will surely make your meal here at Xiomara a memorable one. See you.