About us

Xiomara is a work of passion, work of love of a man who has spent his entire life as a chef. That man is my father, Jaime, who worked his entire life in order to reach a point where he can start his own restaurant. Last year he finally made it to that point, and he found the courage to actually make his dreams a reality.

My name is Xiomara and I’m the daughter of this brave man who is my role model. Restaurant that my father started was named after me, and I’m the one who is helping him in any way that I can. This website is one way that I’m trying to give back to my dad for everything that he did for me, while I was growing up.

Xiomara restaurant server traditional Honduran cuisine, but we also make the effort of mixing things up, and changing the recipes in ways that we think they get more tasty. We put a spin on known recipes in hopes that our guests will enjoy in the food that we prepare and come and visit us again. Xiomara is located in Twin Lakes, New Mexico. You can find us at:

Xiomara restaurant
1364 Cooks Mine Road
86515 Twin Lakes
New Mexico

Come and visit us, try our food and you wont regret it, for sure.